Are Conservatives Wimps?

11 Jan

I participate in an invitation only Facebook page for conservatives. It’s where we can say what we feel and let our snarkiness run rampant without offending our liberal friends or being bombarded with opposing rhetoric.

 Maybe it’s simply reflection of  the quality of people I hang out with, but there hasn’t been any mean, crude or ridiculous name calling of liberals.  It’s just honest sharing of how we see the world from a conservative view.

Somehow a person of questionable views sneaked in, an out-of-town **gasp** journalist who proceeded to bestow his approval or disapproval of everyone’s facts and opinions from his journalistic throne. He seemed to think that we needed him to let us know if we were right or wrong.  People simply quit posting because it became tiresome, but no one wanted to say so. Someone finally took him on who  described herself as “having a little Ann Coulter in her.” He was ultimately disinvited and told not to come back.

Many conservatives, myself included, will often just not say anything rather than take on a verbal war with liberals. But when we do voice our opinions, we’re never at a loss for having a liberal standing by ready  to immediately let us know how we are wrong. 

So are we wimps, we conservatives who don’t fight back ? Or are we peacemakers?

I’ve deflected vicious attacks by people I really care about for the crime of not hating Sarah Palin. I don’t love her, but I don’t hate her. Evidently that’s an offense to some of my liberal friends and family. They don’t have any qualms about lighting into me.

I have a rule that I don’t argue politics on someone else’s Facebook wall. To me it’s like arguing politics at someone else’s dinner table. You just don’t do it.  And if you try on my wall, I’ll call you on it.  I’ve also been known to hide the posts of a number of people I really like because I just can’t stand the constant rhetoric about Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, Sarah Palin and the like.

I learned my lesson the last time I argued politics, well sort of, at a dinner table. I had dared to suggest that I believed the woman who claimed Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed her when she worked for him. My father was aghast and livid, proclaiming, “Why would a man that powerful jeopardize it all for some woman?” Uh, Dad – Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, Rudy Giuliani. Let’s just leave it at that I learned my lesson.

I have no problem with people talking about how much they like someone, say Joy Behar. I can’t stand the woman, but it’s okay if you like her. Constantly reading someone else belittling your viewpoints, however, is quite offensive.  Reading that only Nazi loving feeble minded people watch my beloved FOX News is oh so endearing.

 I posted something recently on Twitter about not agreeing with the firing of Juan Williams at NPR.  A local executive decided I needed educating and bombarded me with info, the last of which was a CNN posting of “Are Conservatives Willing to Hear Opposing Viewpoints?” I simply ignored her because she’s rather like a rabid dog with a bone when she wants you to agree with her.  She unfollowed me. I  guess she doesn’t like people having opposing viewpoints.

It’s often the loudest person in the room who silences opposing voices. You know, the guy with the opinion so big he wants to tell you all about it loudly.

Maybe the question we all need to ask ourselves is:  Are we being too much of a loudmouth?


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