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So Arnold Has a Love Child

1 Jun


Arnold has a love child with the maid, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexually assaults a maid. Anthony Weiner tweets his wiener to young co-eds while Bill Clinton used a cigar on a young intern and Mark Foley just used the male interns.  Spitzer hired hookers, Edwards hired his mistress and Letterman slept with those he hired.  Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Jesse James, Mark Sanford, Newt Gingrich and most of the Kennedy men.  The list really doesn’t really need explanation.

In most of the cases,  the women these powerful men go after are mostly the young, naïve or unsophisticated who sit in adoration of the men. And there you have it – the reason men screw around. There’s nothing left to make them feel powerful other than repeated sexual conquests. 

But Why? 

Men are crafty dudes. As a single woman until I was 34-years-old, I’ve seen a lot and heard many a line.  

Younger women think it’s about men actually wanting them and are perplexed when these men have really nice and gorgeous wives. Older women know that it usually has nothing to do with the women they betray or the women they seek. It’s all about the men satisfying their need to be adored.

Even the disgusting brute Dominique Strauss-Kahn kept shouting at his victim, “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know who I am?”

A Message to Young Women

The age-old test our mothers told us about still holds true on all fronts whether you’re 19  or 49 years old: if he truly wants you, he will court you and wait. If not, he didn’t really want you in the first place.

There is also a message in all of this that will make many a woman groan, and that is that deep down all men need to be adored.

While we’re hauling laundry, bathing babies, walking around with ankle weights on to help regain the figure he married and just trying not to be devoured by life, our men need us to adore them. It is what fuels their psyches.

One of my sisters said about her first husband, “He needs a woman who will sit and watch him putt all day and adore him. That’s not me.”  That ex-brother in-law found that woman who does adores him, and they have been married for many years.

So What’s the Answer?

Men who have the world at their feet continue to risk it all and salivate after big-breasted chickies who bounce by and smile.  It won’t change. Men are hard-wired that way.

 There are, however, honorable men who protect themselves.

George and Laura Bush in love

President George W. Bush, before he was president,  incensed that a female campaign worker continued to pursue him, finally roared at her “Don’t you know I’m a married man!”  Other campaign workers thought his response somewhat harsh and embarrassing to the woman, however, Bush knew exactly what she was doing. She didn’t come back.

My own father refused to socialize after 6:00 p.m. without my step-mother at his side.  It wasn’t until he was in his 70’s that he would even go out to dinner with a group of men if she was out of town.

What Can We Do?

Ideally, all men would do exactly what President Bush did – admonish women who pursue them despite their marital status. 

Men and women should refuse to ignore this boorish behavior that many excuse as “their personal lives.”  News flash – someone’s “personal” character is indicative of their character in every other aspect of their lives.  And those who are in politics simply set themselves up for blackmail.

Don’t watch Elliot Spitzer’s TV show on CNN. Don’t go to any more Schwarzenegger movies.  Don’t vote for Anthony Weiner when he runs for NYC mayor.

What It Means

The behavior of  these men in the news and our response as a society is setting the standard for what we expect our daughters to accept. Is this what you want for your daughter?

Are Conservatives Wimps?

11 Jan

I participate in an invitation only Facebook page for conservatives. It’s where we can say what we feel and let our snarkiness run rampant without offending our liberal friends or being bombarded with opposing rhetoric.

 Maybe it’s simply reflection of  the quality of people I hang out with, but there hasn’t been any mean, crude or ridiculous name calling of liberals.  It’s just honest sharing of how we see the world from a conservative view.

Somehow a person of questionable views sneaked in, an out-of-town **gasp** journalist who proceeded to bestow his approval or disapproval of everyone’s facts and opinions from his journalistic throne. He seemed to think that we needed him to let us know if we were right or wrong.  People simply quit posting because it became tiresome, but no one wanted to say so. Someone finally took him on who  described herself as “having a little Ann Coulter in her.” He was ultimately disinvited and told not to come back.

Many conservatives, myself included, will often just not say anything rather than take on a verbal war with liberals. But when we do voice our opinions, we’re never at a loss for having a liberal standing by ready  to immediately let us know how we are wrong. 

So are we wimps, we conservatives who don’t fight back ? Or are we peacemakers?

I’ve deflected vicious attacks by people I really care about for the crime of not hating Sarah Palin. I don’t love her, but I don’t hate her. Evidently that’s an offense to some of my liberal friends and family. They don’t have any qualms about lighting into me.

I have a rule that I don’t argue politics on someone else’s Facebook wall. To me it’s like arguing politics at someone else’s dinner table. You just don’t do it.  And if you try on my wall, I’ll call you on it.  I’ve also been known to hide the posts of a number of people I really like because I just can’t stand the constant rhetoric about Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, Sarah Palin and the like.

I learned my lesson the last time I argued politics, well sort of, at a dinner table. I had dared to suggest that I believed the woman who claimed Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed her when she worked for him. My father was aghast and livid, proclaiming, “Why would a man that powerful jeopardize it all for some woman?” Uh, Dad – Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, Rudy Giuliani. Let’s just leave it at that I learned my lesson.

I have no problem with people talking about how much they like someone, say Joy Behar. I can’t stand the woman, but it’s okay if you like her. Constantly reading someone else belittling your viewpoints, however, is quite offensive.  Reading that only Nazi loving feeble minded people watch my beloved FOX News is oh so endearing.

 I posted something recently on Twitter about not agreeing with the firing of Juan Williams at NPR.  A local executive decided I needed educating and bombarded me with info, the last of which was a CNN posting of “Are Conservatives Willing to Hear Opposing Viewpoints?” I simply ignored her because she’s rather like a rabid dog with a bone when she wants you to agree with her.  She unfollowed me. I  guess she doesn’t like people having opposing viewpoints.

It’s often the loudest person in the room who silences opposing voices. You know, the guy with the opinion so big he wants to tell you all about it loudly.

Maybe the question we all need to ask ourselves is:  Are we being too much of a loudmouth?