About the Blog

Hooray – I’ve found my niche!

The Cracker Jax Blog is morphing into a product review blog. 

I mean, after all, just ask my friends – I’m great at giving my opinion on everything. So why not focus my writing there where it can actually help people?

I’ve been having a lot of fun writing about Jacksonville restaurants over the past few months. They are really more showcases of what the restaurants do best, rather than reviews. A few different types of offers came in recently that got me noodling on the focus of Cracker Jax which I’ve been pondering a bit.

So now I’ll be checking out the Cracker Jax surprises in all sorts of products and events from cars and restaurant to books, special events, beauty products and spas.  Maybe even a little travel. We’ll see what develops.

PRODUCT REVIEW POLICY:  All opionions are my own, even if I have been given products free of charge.  Readers will be informed when a product has been provided free of charge.

To reach me to request a product or event review, please email cam@crackerjaxblog.com

I’d love to hear from you! ~~ Cam Brown


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