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Mama Wants a Cadillac

24 May

This is a $70,000 car. A Cadillac CTS –V Coupe.  This will soon be my car, if only for a week. So how does a girl order up one of these babies?

Well I received an email about a writing contest for a blogging conference.  If I won I’d get to drive a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for a week.  You might have noticed my friend Carrie McClaren posting about it over on her mommy blog  Carrie With Children. 

Well psssffff, who needs a contest?

Unbeknownst to me, Carrie and I were two great minds thinking alike; we both bypassed the little people and rang up our friends over at  Access Public Relations who manage the General Motors Southeast account here in Jacksonville. 

At first I wanted a Buick because I’ve always loved them, especially the Buick LaCrosse I recently test drove. (Carrie got a Buick Enlave for a week.)  But then my best friend since junior high breezed into town with her new-to-her Cadillac STS . 

So here we are hanging out, just two gals and their rides. That’s me on the left beside my chug-a-lug 2001 Ford Escape. And that’s Holly looking glam by her Cadillac.

I had fun accompanying Holly and her husband to buy her 50th birthday present – a 2-door Mercedes Benz SLK 320 convertible.  So I thought it would be a hoot, even for just a week, if I could “out car” her. I told Jennifer Symmes at Access PR that I wanted to upgrade to a Caddy and I wanted a
big bad ride.

 Jennifer wrangled me Cadillac’s showhorse, the CTS-V Coupe.  And don’t you know I’m going to be prancing when I get that thing in my driveway.

So stay tuned for the event. I don’t take possession for a couple more weeks, but I’m already planning a girls afternoon cruise to Fernandina Beach.

Holly made me promise to say she’s not old. Of course she’s not, she’s a year younger than I am. We are now the hot new Cadillac chicks changing the face of Cadillac ownership.

Oh, and Holly – a Cadillac CTS-V trumps a Cadillac STS.